Do believe the hype.

You could get by with a different app
for every task... but who wants that?

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Events? Scheduled.

Every event is set-up as a social-feed. Easy to find all your events in one stream.

Assignments? Checked.

Lists can be accessed as one list or a single item. Check them off how you want!

Notes? Jotted.

Add a title, write your note, and maybe add some tags. Schema does the rest.

Alarms? Ding.

Set alarms for events, lists, or even notes. And find them all in one unified location.

Classes in one place.

See all of your classes at a glance, then jump to whichever feed you want with a tap.

Your week at a glance.

Scroll through your entire schedule to get a visual idea of what your time looks like.

iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+

iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini

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